21 Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas – GLAMO Light Mirrors India.
21 Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas – GLAMO Light Mirrors India.
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21 Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas – GLAMO Light Mirrors India.

Art Deco For The Living Room

If you are blessed enough to dwell in a house with original tiling and pristine condition, don’t try to change it and keep it. The most straightforward and most eye-catching way to expose animal prints is by incorporating carpets and rugs in your living room floor as the animal skin print blends perfectly with any color, furniture, and accessories. Limit yourself to one accessory pillow or two, and go all the way with carved wooden wall and doors designs. The Art Deco living room is executed in calm and warm colors. For instance, the color camel is coupled with dark contrasting colors. These colors will make the interior of the room elegant and luxurious. However, don’t think that the Art Deco style is only limited to two colors. It is multi-component and complex. This style suggests the presence of many marked nuances, transitions, and contrasts. It will enable you to develop an extraordinary atmosphere within the living room with juicy, bright colors, and deep dark shades. The standard colors of the Art Deco living room used in the interiors’ decorations are black, white, grey, metallic, and brown. These primary colors are generally diluted in shades of green, gold, red, and blue in strictly limited levels.

Some other colors might also appear, but they shouldn’t be dominant. If the living room wall space is decorated in bright colors,  the most effective wallpaper colors will be beige and white, light and discreet grey, pale olive, and cafe au lait color. It is essential not to go crazy with decorative patterns on the wall space and furniture. If the wall space is decorated in the same color, the furnishings must have a far more expressive color. Chandeliers should be expensive and beautiful, furnished with bright lamps. There aren’t any restrictions on the kind of lighting fixtures. The only condition is that they should have a symmetrical and regular shape. Lighting must be as close to daylight as possible, intense, and bright. Energy conserving lamps with diffuse but intensive light are great for this style. Additionally, they can be refined crystal or solid material, with or without nuances.

The Art Deco style is recognized by the prevalent use of textiles. In the living room, traditional fabric curtains, a bunch of drapery, and sophisticated upholstery should undoubtedly be present. Some of the typical patterns applied to textiles are geometric patterns, peacock feathers, and stylized floral patterns. Luxurious and pompous Art Deco style furniture should be made with a natural and expensive material, like an unusual variety of wood or leather. Probably the most valuable are handicrafts inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones. And for the furniture’s shape, it should also be unusual. For instance, they can be trapezoidal or mixtures of the most incompatible styles. A mahogany table will go perfectly in the living room, contrasting perfectly with the interior’s light shades. It is essential to remember that furniture within the Art Deco design must be tasteful, massive, and, at the same time, elegant.

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