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31 Shower Window Design Ideas – GLAMO Light Mirrors India.

Dealing With Privacy In Your Bathroom

You also have the choice to install a privacy film over the window. This film helps make the window much more opaque to add privacy. A window’s design is vital for aesthetic reasons and layout, but it is also crucial for the bathroom’s functionality. Having an operable window helps keep the bathroom ventilated, reducing excess moisture and all the issues that come with it (mold, odor, rot, etc.). Operable windows include single-hung, casement, double-hung, sliding, and awning. Of those types, awning windows that open at the bottom or top are especially suitable for bathrooms: even when it is open, they keep anyone’s privacy within the bathroom. All the windows in your bathroom don’t need to be operable. If you would like a big, glass block windowpane, for instance, you can place a transom or awning windowpane above it.

Windows placed much higher on the wall will provide additional privacy than those at head height. You will also need to look at window placement when it involves the style of your bathroom. If you have a fantastic view above the sink or tub, place a window there! The most effective way to start protecting your window from water damage is to prevent, as much as possible, water from being on it in the very first place. That means if your tub has a shower, position the window;  therefore, it is out of the direct path of spray from the showerhead. Keep the bottom part of the window high enough above the tub’s edge, where splashes are not very likely to reach the window.

It is also critical you choose to place a window on a wall free from plumbing or electrical runs. It is better to utilize a window with wood jambs that produce an inset window fitting if possible. This reduces the possibility that the window will shatter (or cause severe injury) if you slip and fall against it or bump it while bathing. Any window coverings you use on a bathtub window need to be resistant to the consequences of moisture. Vinyl blinds will probably hold up much better than wood or steel materials, but any blind will require regular cleaning and might not last long. Windows with integral (or between-the-glass) blinds are yet another choice. Vinyl curtains are a much better option than fabrics that are susceptible to mildew. If you want to forgo window coverings altogether, but need privacy, consider a glass block window or a regular window fitted with textured or other privacy glass. A less expensive substitute for privacy glazing is applying a tinted, frosted, and patterned film created for showers.

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