LEDmirror.in has been designing and handcrafting mirrors in India for almost 10 years, earning a reputation as India’s foremost mirror specialists.

The LEDmirror.in brand has become synonymous with classic and innovative designs, traditional craftsmanship, utterly bespoke customer service and exceptional quality.

We have been working in recreating classical mirrors styles into a new sense but our contemporary interpretations are also greatly admired.

The quality of our work ensures LEDmirror.in mirrors are long-term pieces in their truest sense – valued antiques of the future.

LEDmirror.in core philosophy is to design & create most luxurious mirrors of all time. LEDmirror.in composition finishing and gilding techniques, which have been passed down from generation to generation, are expertly deployed. A dedication to authenticity flows through the whole creation process: from extensively researched traditional designs; the careful collection of one of the largest archives of original composition molds.

Our Vision:

LEDmirror.in showcases the best in the modern and neo classical design of looking mirrors, bathroom vanities and other furniture. Our luxury collections are created by experienced Interior designers, local craftsmen and virtuoso glass makers.

As a fashion house for all living spaces, we feature exclusive designer furniture, hand-made decorative mirrors, luxurious Italian bathroom vanities and other decorative furniture accessories.

We assure our customers about the quality and durability of all of our products.

Come inside the window and explore the world of LEDmirror.in.

Why choose LEDmirror.in?

At LEDmirror.in, we are passionate about what we do. Giving you the best possible shopping experience throughout each stage; from browsing and ordering, to receiving your goods, is our key aim and we want to make the whole process as safe and easy as possible.

Our ever-expanding customer service team is dedicated to helping you make the right choice. They’ll get your order processed as quickly as possible.


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