Fenty fever: The last drop of 2017 – GLAMO LED Mirrors India.
Fenty fever: The last drop of 2017 – GLAMO LED Mirrors India.
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Fenty fever: The last drop of 2017 – GLAMO LED Mirrors India.

It really has been the year of Rihanna, despite her not even releasing a new album, she’s managed to monopolise our screens with her unstoppable force for many reasons. From accepting the Harvard Humanitarian award in February to launching Fenty Beauty; the influential driving force that burst onto the beauty scene in September and is showing no sign of slowing down, at all, in fact, it’s accelerating at a speed that no one quite expected.

Expected to drop on boxing day, Rihanna has again teased us with the third big launch from the now notorious brand Fenty beauty. With a build up on Instagram that’s got us all teaming with excitement, the suspension grew until finally, we were presented with 14 Fenty Beauty lipstick shades, called Mattemoiselle. 14 matte, long-wearing formulas that will suit all types of woman, at any given time, but of course are perfect for the party season.

The beauty of this new range and in fact, of the whole Fenty line, is that Rihanna’s offering colours that you most certainly won’t own and will have trouble finding elsewhere. From navy blue to wild lilac, this lineup is for the adventurous as well as the classic.

This line of shades is the perfect answer to complement all moods that you may face, from royal red to an everyday lowkey nude to a moody blue to turn heads. Providing a rich colour, which is effortlessly light in weight, velvety soft and can be applied in seconds, this new range from Fenty has scored 5 stars yet again.

Since it’s inception, in just a few shorts months, Fenty has climbed its way to the top of our ‘most wanted’ lists and is showing no sign of slowing down at all. We can’t wait to see what Fenty brings in 2018.

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