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Find The Ideal Mirror For Your Home: A Guide to Led Mirrors in India

Making your interiors look more spacious, light and airy is the dream of many home owners. To achieve this, you can use mirrors to reflect natural light and give the illusion of a larger room with higher ceilings. In addition to this, it also helps in making a small room appear much lesser than what it actually is. The placement of mirrors also has an impact on the appearance and feel of a room. Read on to know more about led mirrors in India.

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Types of Mirrors in India

There are many types of mirrors in India, but if you want to make your room look brighter and larger, you can opt for led mirrors. These are the basic types of mirrors that you can use. – Flat/Wall Mirrors- These are the most common types of mirrors available. They can be found in most homes either on the wall or as a stand-alone shelf mirror. – Corner Mirrors- You can use corner mirrors to make a room look much bigger than what it actually is. It is best to place this in an L-shaped room. – Hanging Mirrors- Hanging mirrors are great for making a room look larger. Along with this, they also help to make the room look brighter.

Led Mirror vs. Conventional Mirror

A conventional mirror is made of glass, whereas a led mirror is a reflective surface that is made of a thin layer of material. The led mirror is a cheaper option, but offers lesser clarity as compared to a conventional mirror. However, led mirrors come with a ton of advantages that make them a better option than conventional mirrors. – Conventional mirrors get dirty very quickly, whereas led mirrors are easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe them with a cloth or duster. – Although conventional mirrors reflect light, it is not as bright as a led mirror. A led mirror reflects sunlight and artificial light much better than a conventional mirror. – You can also use a led mirror as a source of light. This is not possible with a conventional mirror.

Benefits of Using Led Mirrors In India

– If placed at the right spot, led mirrors are ideal for making a small room look bigger. – They also help to make a room look brighter, which is not possible with a conventional mirror. – Not only do led mirrors look amazing, but they are also easy to clean. – You can use them as a source of light, so you don’t have to turn on your lights during the day. – You can use them to make your makeup look more natural by reflecting light. – Instead of buying a large mirror, you can use a mirror that is as big as your face.

How to Select the Right Led Mirror?

– If you want your room to look larger, then you should opt for a full-length mirror. They can be placed anywhere, but it is best to place them along the walls. – A long mirror is the best for a narrow room, as it makes the room appear wider than it actually is. – An ornate full-length mirror is perfect for a living room, as it gives the room a rich and luxurious feel. – A long rectangular mirror is best for a dressing room, as it allows you to see your entire body. – If you want to make your makeup look better, a rectangular makeup mirror is the best option for you.

Tips for Installing Led Mirrors In India

– Before you buy the led mirror, decide where you want to place it. – Next, you have to decide whether you want a freestanding mirror or one that is wall mounted. – If you are going to install the led mirror on the wall, then you have to decide on the placement. – If you are installing the led mirror on the wall and want it to look like a freestanding mirror, then make sure that the wall is strong enough to support the mirror. – You also have to make sure that the led mirror you are buying is big enough for the space.


Led mirrors are a great option if you are looking to make your room look bigger and brighter. They are easy to clean, and they don’t get dirty quickly. They can be used as a source of light, and you can mount them on the wall as well. They are the ideal option if you are looking to make your room look luxurious and classy.

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