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How to Build a Hand Wave Sensor LED Mirror: Step-by-Step Guide

An LED mirror is a superb addition to any lavatory or dressing space. Not solely does it present a well-lit area to prepare in, however it could additionally add a contact of contemporary fashion to your decor. One characteristic that may make your LED mirror much more handy to make use of is a hand wave sensor. With a hand wave sensor, you possibly can flip your mirror’s lights on and off with out ever having to the touch it. On this step-by-step information, we’ll present you easy methods to construct a hand wave sensor LED mirror of your individual.

Earlier than we get began, it is essential to notice that constructing an LED mirror requires some fundamental data of electronics and wiring. For those who’re not snug with these ideas, it could be finest to ask for assist from a good friend or skilled.

Step 1: Collect Your Supplies To construct your hand wave sensor LED mirror, you may want the next supplies:

  • LED strip lights (ideally waterproof)
  • Mirror (be certain it is the identical measurement as your LED strip lights)
  • Plywood or MDF board
  • Hand wave sensor module
  • Energy provide
  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Wire cutters and strippers
  • Screws and brackets for mounting the mirror

Step 2: Measure and Reduce the Board Utilizing a measuring tape and a noticed, measure and minimize the plywood or MDF board to the identical measurement as your LED strip lights. Be certain that the board is easy and freed from any tough edges.

Step 3: Set up the LED Strip Lights Peel off the adhesive backing out of your LED strip lights and punctiliously place them alongside the sides of the board. Be certain that the lights are evenly spaced and straight.

Step 4: Set up the Hand Wave Sensor Utilizing your soldering iron, solder wires onto the hand wave sensor module. Join one wire to the constructive (+) terminal and one other to the destructive (-) terminal. Then, join the wires to the constructive and destructive terminals on the LED strip lights.

Step 5: Join the Energy Provide Connect the facility provide to the hand wave sensor module by connecting the constructive and destructive wires to their respective terminals. Then, plug the facility provide into a close-by outlet.

Step 6: Mount the Mirror Use screws and brackets to mount the mirror onto the board. Be certain that it is safe and flush in opposition to the board.

Step 7: Take a look at the Sensor Wave your hand in entrance of the sensor to check if it activates and off the lights.

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Congratulations, you have efficiently constructed a hand wave sensor LED mirror! Benefit from the comfort of turning your lights on and off with out ever having to the touch the mirror.

For those who’re taken with buying an LED mirror or different fashionable lavatory fixtures, make sure to take a look at They provide quite a lot of high-quality LED mirrors and different merchandise at inexpensive costs.

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