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#Singit with these top shower anthems – GLAMO LED Mirrors India.

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Some of you may hate to admit it, but everybody does it once in a while. We’re talking about singing in the shower. Don’t tell us you’ve never sheepishly caught yourself belting a Mariah Carey classic into a shampoo-bottle microphone.

It might be embarrassing, but it’s certainly a better way to start your day than miserably dragging yourself into work and not talking until after lunchtime. That ten minutes of singing silliness in the shower could make all the difference to your mood for the rest of the day.

So, with this in mind – and inspired by our #Singit Twitter competition – we’re asking you to embrace those sell out shower gigs that see you performing to a crowd of thousands (in your mind) and to help you, we’ve provided a list of songs that make the ultimate shower anthems.

Pharrell Williams- Happy

It’s the tune that everyone loves to hate for its annoyingly optimistic lyrics and the catchy melody that sticks in your head all day. Originally released from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack album and reaching number one in over twenty countries it went viral and spawned countless tribute videos, if you heard it (and who didn’t?) you just couldn’t help but ‘clap along’.

So on a Monday morning when it’s still dark and raining outside, sing this and have a little dance. It’s certainly infectious and we guarantee that it will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

Taylor Swift- Shake It Off

It’s been dubbed an unexpected ‘lad anthem’ that’s seen builders and van drivers everywhere dancing madly whenever it comes on the radio. Swift’s newest release is a musical rebellion against all those who’ve criticised her, for whatever reason, in the past.

So if you’ve ever felt victimised or criticised by similar ‘haters’ to those the song describes, these are the perfect motivational lyrics to set you up for the week ahead- just shake it off and sing it out!

Miley Cyrus- Wrecking Ball

Who could ever forget that video? Miley Cyrus swinging around on a giant metal ball wearing no clothes and crying into the camera understandably generated its fair share of controversy.

She might have undergone a drastic transformation since her Hannah Montana days but, twerking aside, the song actually delivers a powerful message and has become a popular break-up anthem and all-round motivator. Give it a try, just leave swinging on a giant wrecking ball to the experts.

John Legend- All of Me

We’ve only had upbeat ones so far, so here’s one for those of you who prefer to belt out a ballad. You’ve probably heard this song countless times if you’ve been watching the latest series of the X-Factor, as it’s been a popular choice for auditions.

Known for his piano playing and his crooner-esque love songs, John Legend’s latest doesn’t disappoint. The song is dedicated to his wife and is the perfect shower-song choice for those of you who like to start your days with a bit of romantic sentimentality.

Audio Bluetooth mirror

If you’re nervous about going-solo and would prefer to have some backing music to sing along to, our Audio-Bluetooth mirrors are the perfect choice. Simply connect your phone, MP3 player or tablet through Bluetooth and blast out your favourite tunes safely while you shower.

Enter our competition to be in with the chance of winning an Audio-Bluetooth mirror. Simply follow us on Twitter and retweet using the hashtag #Singit to enter. Good luck!

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